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Ceftriaxone is beta-lactum class of anti-biotic belonging to the third generation cephalosporins. It is the antibiotic useful for the treatment of severe bacterial infections. It has broad spectrum of activity against gram-positive and gram-negative organism in comparision with to second generation of cephalosporin.

  • Used for treatment of several infections
  • Respiratory infections
  • Skin and soft tissue infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • ENT infections
  • Infections caused by S. pneumoniae, H. influenzae, staphylococci, S. pyogenes, E. coli, P. mirabilis

1 to 2gm once daily

It produces its action by binding to PBPs (Penicillin binding proteins) ceftriaxone inhibits cell wall synthesis. This inhibits peptidoglycan synthesis in transpeptidase step. It produces bactericidal effect by time dependent killing effect.


After administration it penetrates into body fluids and also achieves levels in cerebrospinal fluid which inhibits most pathogens. This can be administered as both IM/IV



The drug produces dose dependent response, with different rate of absorption. The volume of distribution of ceftriaxone is 5.78 to 13.5 L. It reversibly bound to plasma protein. It can also cross blood brain barrier. 


Nearly about 30-67% of the drug is excreted through urine. The drug is also excreted through biliary secretion as microbiologically inactive compound in feces. The elimination half life can be ranged from 5.8 to 8.7 hours

  • Patients with allergy to ceftriaxone
  • Hyperbilirubinemic neonate
  • In premature neonates, it causes the removal of bilirubin from albumin binding sites
  • Use with IV calcium administration in neonates
  • It gets precipitate in neonates kidney and lungs
  • Allergic reaction
  • Other ingredients can also causes severe reaction
  • Ballbladder diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Stomach or intestinal related diseases